Today’s business models need to constantly adapt to changing business scenarios and client demands. In the face of innovative organizational technology and processes, the workplace will be left behind if they do not follow this path. CXOs, business stakeholders and IT Leaders’ priorities, and most importantly their perspective about IT services for end user communities, are witnessing a dramatic change. They are now more focused on the business results, including a highly engaged and productive workforce, rather than looking at the technology enablement alone. 
The biggest change we see with our customers globally is a radical mind-set shift to see IT support services from the end user lens with measurable outcomes aligned to business, IT and end users – an outside-in view.  Zensar’s Digital Workplace Solution (DWS) is designed to meet these needs and delivers up to 30% improved user productivity, 40% lower workplace operation cost, and 60% faster incident resolution.
Achieving a Business Led Model
Zensar Digital Workplace transformation is a two step journey to transform an enterprise from an “IT led model” into a “Business led model.” The Business led model’s core focus is to capture and analyze customer experience, user productivity, employee engagement and business impact. The mature and optimized Technology led model and IT led model become the underlying platform for a successful Business led model that is connected, engaged and empowered.

Digital Workplace Maturity Assessment
Zensar’s Digital Workplace transformation starts with a Digital Maturity Assessment identifying where an organization is in its journey, key gaps, and a digital roadmap. The DWS Maturity Assessment identifies gaps to provide 360-degree visibility throughout the organization’s operational model, and creates a roadmap for digital transformation with measurable outcomes aligned to business, IT and end users. 

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