As the market matures, companies contracting for outcomes are exploring fresh ideas and are seeking new answers to streamline their business processes. They are increasingly looking at their Business Service providers for not only running the operations efficiently but also to transform them. 
We, at Zensar, envision operational efficiencies through our proprietary framework EZITIZE, using which we identify hidden pockets of automation opportunities and deliver process improvements to our global customers across verticals like Manufacturing, Banking, Retail and Insurance etc.
Our 20+ years of experience in influencing and delivering business outcomes to a diversified set of global customers proves our expertise in re-engineering business processes and delivering operational efficiencies. 
Our key differentiator is our Bundled Technology, Business process and Vertical expertise:
  • Functional / process expertise – Horizontal exposure across technology, geographies and sub functions
  • Technology insights – Discovering technical blind spots/benefits that functional experts might be unaware of
  • Vertical (Domain) focus – Utilizing applicable vertical intelligence to drive efficiencies across business process and technology streams
Our value accelerators use multiple layers of technology and social listening stacks to constantly monitor business process performance and end-customer sentiments to feed back into our delivery/improvement framework. This also includes a promise of phenomenal success through Bundled IT, Business process and Vertical expertise.
Solution Overview
Zensar has its own proprietary Robotics Platform along with long standing partnerships with various leading Robotics platform providers.
The solution is offered in 3 modes:
  • Human assisted Real Time Process Optimization (RTPO) 
In Human assisted mode the tool client is loaded on the machine on which the human is working and it will automate the tasks/workflow as designed based on certain triggers e.g. a human goes to an ERP application and clicks on a button, this could be a trigger for the Client to initiate an automated workflow on the desktop itself.
  • Non-human assisted Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 
In non-human assisted mode which is Robotic automation, the work is directly sent to a Robot who will execute the task and send it back to the queue.
  • Hybrid (RTPO & RPA)
In Hybrid mode the Robot would work on a task and in between if there is a setup in the task which requires human decision, it will send that back to the queue from where the task shall be routed to a human and once the human finishes the task, it will be sent back to the queue for the robot to pick it up and complete the task.
Typical RPA Candidates
In any organization typical Robotic Process Automation (RPA) candidates are processes which have the following characteristics:
  • Dual data entry, where information must be input manually more than once, such as into a workflow process and then an ERP system
  • Straight-through processing, where inputs from different sources (such as sales orders) need to be integrated
  • Similar data extraction requests from multiple users from the same database
  • Routine decision- making where conditions for referral to managers are unambiguous, such as the payment of invoices

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