Enabling digital transformation through integrated strategies to build digital relationships.
Digital Marketing Solutions aim to combine relevance & build digital relationships to truly connect with customer experience.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing offers a digital experience captured through channels such as corporate webpages, surveys, social media feeds, and net promoter scores.

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We offer services to manage and analyse customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle

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Content Marketing

Zensar’s Content Marketing Services consist of a strategic marketing approach to focussing on distributing valuable

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Search Engine Optimisation

Competitiveness in business has reached such a fast pace that enterprises are working hard in order to keep up and innovate in the midst of constant change.

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Web Analytics

In today’s competitive environment, data and metrics are the most significant weapons for the management

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Marketing Automation

The Marketing landscape today is revolutionizing through its digital journey.

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Value Proposition

Single source of lead management to improve lead quality

30% increase in the sales team customer facing time

15% increase in web traffic along with reduced sales cycle time

Business Value

  • 15% increase in marketing qualified leads
  • Improvement of lead management revenue by 10%
  • Improved forecasting ability along with reduced turnaround time to “go live” in case the customer acquires another company
  • 360 degree view of a customer’s digital needs – we bring technology & services as a bundled solution
  • 50% GM on every engagement
  • Ideally aligned to Zensar’s existing customer base

Business Process Outsourcing for Retail Customer

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Digital Marketing Solutions for Networking Company

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Business Process Alignment for Manufacturing Company

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