Analytics isn’t complete without adding external data to understand customer sentiments, buying behavior and product adoption, doing so however isn’t only complicated but also increases the hardware cost multifold. We advise and implement cost effective Big Data solutions to keep your infrastructure costs down while delivering unprecedented value to your business.

We provide solutions for challenging IT scenarios like:

  • Bringing and storing external data  leveraging Hadoop and open sources
  • Integrating external and internal data within and outside Hadoop
  • Enabling easy access to the data in Hadoop reservoir

And most importantly, we help you make sense of all this wide verity of data

Does your Enterprise Data Warehouse have:

  • Lot of dead data?
  • Problems with refresh time of ETL/ELT
  • Data retention/archival issues?

We can help transform your Enterprise data warehouse leveraging Hadoop to:

  • Build data lakes or analytics sandboxes
  • Improve ETL/ELT performance significantly
  • Build effective archival architecture and process

We have partnered with many of the world’s leading organizations to explore possibilities around Big Data:

  • Marketing Analytics – Identify and predict customer buying patterns and run personalized marketing campaigns resulting in 30% improvement in customer retention and 15% increase in sales
  • Product Adoption Analytics  - Predict product adoption across various channels and geographies for effective marketing and inventory management resulting in faster time to market and lower inventory costs (by 10%)
  • Product Log Analytics - Analyze millions of machine log files (sizes MBs to GBs) to identify product quality issues and provide proactive and preventive maintenance resulting in lower returns and higher customer satisfaction and cost savings in millions of dollars
  • Usage Analytics - Build usage patterns and predict service/product usage and recommend cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

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