There's nothing more satisfying as a business owner than to have a website or application resonate in the market and to have thousands of user tell you that they couldn't work without your software.
In order to converge today’s industry needs of conversion, adoption and user experience, Zensar UX center of Excellence has embarked on a journey to prepare the PAX reports (Performance, Aesthetics and User Experience) for success in a new era of Omni-channel user communication and social media.
PAX is a quick-n-short Expert Analysis prepared by Zensar’s User Experience Specialists. The analysis is primarily focused around Performance, Aesthetics, and User Experience of a website. The Report consists of findings and recommendation on
  • Visual Design
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Speed
  • Attention Analysis
  • Accessibility and
  • Overall UX Score for an application or website
Key Capabilities
PAX gives insights to Business owners in Finding Conversion Issues - web sites that promotes or sells products or services online and that may not be achieving these expectations, resulting in:
  • Low traffic
  • Poor conversion (typically less than 1%)
  • Early site abandonment
  • Make out if the website is accessibility compliant – Check whether the website is complaint with section 508 and WCAG 2.0 standards so that more and more users can access it efficiently.
  • Find out if it meets basic heuristic principles – Test website on Jakob Nielsen’s 10 Heuristic principles.
  • Find out how well it is doing in social media marketing and –Check website rankings on various social media channels and provide recommendations on it.
  • How much improvement is required on Visual Design - The first impressions a visitor may have of the web site when arriving at your site
Business Value:
“A review of 1,500 websites for user experience finds that only 3% of sites earned a passing score. The rest had problems ranging from text legibility and use of space to task flow and links to privacy and security policies.” - Forrester
PAX Report delivers findings and recommendation on
  • Perception map – where do people look the most
  • Attention map – what area attracts the most attention
  • Hot spots of your page
  • Visual clarity score
  • Accessibility score
  • Social media score
  • Over all UX Score

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