Improving the usability of a product by 50% can improve sales by 400%. The key to business success lies in enhancing your user's experience and his interaction with the online channel. Today usability has become as a key differentiator between companies vying with each other. Often companies spend millions of dollars driving visitors to their products or their websites, but once there, visitors find it too hard to use. As a result, companies lose opportunities for sales, customer relationships, and positive word-of-mouth - adding up to staggering amounts of lost revenue. Customers feel intimidated by products that don't treat them well. The root of the problems - and the solution - is the customer experience.
Zensar has extensive experience in delivering user centric solutions for websites, portals and software applications. The User Experience (UX) Group comprises of experienced Information Architects, Usability Analysts, Interaction designers, Visual designers & Web Developers. The UX Group has defined a well-structured methodology to create a positive user experience by incorporating usability aspects into the design.
The UX Group leverages proven design and usability methodologies to create original and practical solutions that drive user adoption and fulfill required business goals.
Business Values:
  • A well planned approach that helps in reducing development costs, saves time and reduces costs related to maintenance and redesign.
  • Increases user efficiency, productivity and success rate leading to increase in user adoption
  • A well crafted usable product will lead to attracting more customers, increase in sales, revenues, transactions & market share

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