Zensar’s Intelligent Command Center (ICC)
Ensure Your Return on Digital® with Agile, Integrated and Seamless Global Delivery
Innovative Delivery Models Offer Accuracy, Reduced Cost and Zero Disruption 
The Zensar Intelligent Command Center (ICC) enables us to provide a seamless, integrated, future-ready delivery model — right now. Traditional delivery models require large-scale teams of up to one hundred technicians and supervisors to ensure delivery. The ICC’s delivery model can reduce that number by 50% while ensuring a high level of accuracy and zero disruption. 
Zensar’s Proactive and Predictive approach operating in real time allows us to focus with priority on Preventive measures. We ensure 360 degree visibility from all areas of the business to ensure higher efficiency in endpoint delivery. We provide real-time communication and collaboration with end users across the globe, meeting crucial demands of the business, IT and workforce.
The Vinci™ - Machine Learning and Intelligent Automation 
Zensar’s The Vinci™ integrated managed services platform enables transformation for your business. The Vinci™ is the backbone of the ICC providing managed services powered by autonomics and developed with the power of machine learning. Not only does The Vinci™ identify the issue before it impacts the business services, it resolves those issues for you. The Vinci™ ensures a more accurate, efficient and cost-saving approach while providing increased visibility and transparency into your environment.
We deliver trackable metrics and advanced analytics for an integrated view of your business services. Business outcomes are measurable and provide clear direction for operations support to perform at peak levels.
Security and Compliance 
We offer a centralized solution to provide security and compliance for your business. Using industry best practices and proven yet innovative security methodologies, risk is minimized and your assets are protected. Each offering from Zensar is geared toward increasing proficiency for your business and achieving a much higher value while reducing cost.
Facts about the ICC
  • World class technology supported with state of the art equipment and systems 
  • Intelligent technology wall monitor hosting over 1,100 interactive screen views 
  • Over 5 million active devices supported 
  • Client experience lounge 
  • 24x7x365 continuous global coverage 
  • 9 languages supported

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