Enabling seamless integrations of your Retail and commerce systems for a seamless customer experience

Aligned with every retailer’s need of being ready to be able to do Commerce anywhere anytime, Zensar offers a comprehensive solution to all your Retail. These range from supporting and enhancing and integrating the all-important customer facing Commerce platforms to your core back end Order management, Planning, Merchandising, Supply chain and store systems to ensure that you are equipped to provide a seamless experience to your Omni present customer. Leveraging our unique Opti model framework, Retailers have been able to reduce their total cost of ownership and free up internal IT resources for other mission critical projects. Retailers turn to us due to our experience and ability to serve across various products and their versions and our ability to deliver business led outcomes like inventory synchronisation, increase in volume of online sales and helping retailers in almost doubling the number of stores every warehouse serves.

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