Supply Chain Management –Traceability

Zen Traceability solution is a propriety offering which enables holistic transparency and enhances day-to-day operational visibility. It brings about operational efficiencies and deploys new service models - from the supplier to the end customer, thus aiding quick and accurate decision making.

The solution serializes products and automates capturing of component level, process level and test level traceability, across the supply chain thereby enabling near real-time monitoring, controlling and tracking of products & components across the supply chain.

Key KPI's
  • Percentage of Traceability Gaps (product, component)
  • Percentage of Non-Compliances (by supplier)
  • Supplier DPPM (defective parts per million)
  • Percentage of Accurate Recalls
  • End-to-End track and trace capability with product identification & location data across process stages in the manufacturing supply chain
  • Equipped with traceability analytics such as backward and forward traceability, failure analysis, supplier DPPM, etc.
  • Flexibility to connect with existing ERP as a plugin
  • Cloud based option for cost conscious organizations 
  • Inbuilt mobility to analyze real time statistics
Business Benefits
  • Improve productivity of service/repair engineers by 40%
  • Facilitates better process capability by eliminating root causes
  • End to end coverage which includes hardware, software and services
  • Compatibility with small and medium enterprises

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