The manufacturing IT landscape is fraught with challenges related to the selection and implementation of the ideal ERP, MES and Shop Floor automation platforms. The critical decision lies in having a seamless platform designed to meet the functional process requirements, offering integration with advanced IoT devices and Machine PLCs. For any manufacturing process, it is imperative to achieve real time analytics of the entire process with shop floor visibility available to executives.

Zensar's Smart Manufacturing solution is designed to offer visible business outcomes by addressing the specific challenges.

Smart Manufacturing systems are "fully-integrated, collaborative manufacturing systems that respond in real-time to meet changing demands and conditions in the factory, in the supply network and customer needs." Zensar's manufacturing experts select the best ERP, MES, shop-floor automation and IOT platforms to get maximum operational efficiency at lower cost, higher ROI and higher profits.

How does it add value? The widespread use of Smart Manufacturing capabilities will revolutionize and optimize the way business is transacted across manufacturing organizations and supply chains, leading to a competitive edge in global markets.

Key KPI's
  • Reduced product cycles
  • Increase in operating efficiency
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Reduction in safety incidents
  • Improvement in energy efficiency
  • Reduction in cycle times
  • Reduced costs associated with the implementation of Smart software and systems
  • Product tracking and traceability throughout the supply chain
  • Revenue increase by expansion of suppliers into adjacent or entirely new industries
  • Revenue increase from new products and services
  • Well-designed balanced IT manufacturing landscape
  • Integrated Shop floor systems, Manufacturing execution system, ERP systems and dashboard and Reporting at Center of Excellence at the top layer
  • Process Data Collection and Storage (Historian)
  • Common Manufacturing Execution (MES)
  • Manufacturing and Business Intelligence (MI / BI)
  • Integrated Data Model
  • Monitoring for Health and Safety
  • Portability of Monitoring of parameters from sub system, machine , line , plant , department to plant level
  • Scalability across global manufacturing plants
  • Multi-location Monitoring, comparison and optimization of KPI across global organisation
Business Benefits
  • Reduces Time to Market
  • Leverages dynamic demand-driven economics
  • Drives higher export markets
  • Enables progress toward zero incidents and emissions performance
  • Takes advantage of integrated energy management and the smart grid
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics of up to 90% data
  • Lower cost of Maintenance or reduce cost of spare part and maintenance by 30%
  • Reduce organizational delays in WIP management , production planning
  • Optimized use of equipment’s , Achieve OEE close to 85%
  • Reduced inventory levels to less than 5 days
  • Reduced Human interventions and stop manual entries , increase data accuracy close to 95%

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