Supply Chain Management - Supply Chain Risk Management

Manufacturing organizations are increasingly focused on improving supply chain resilience, as a response to globalization and to minimize exposure to internal and external risks. Proactive risk management has been at the forefront of an executive’s agenda to facilitate supply chain efficiency.

Zensar’s Supply Chain Risk Management solution not only helps manage disruptions, but also helps build differentiators and enables organizations to outperform competitors. It empowers supply chain supervisors to identify, assess & mitigate risks, enabling a continuous process for risk assessments & abatement initiatives.

Key KPI's
  • Number of supply chain disruptions in a week/month
  • Average time to response
  • Average Time to Recover
  • Loss of Revenue
  • Cost of risk response
  • Supplier Performance
  • Supply Side Risk Reduction/Exposure over a period of time
  • Percentage of Damage/Scrap 
  • Percentage of Product Return
  • Identifying, Assessing and Measuring risk profile across end- to- end supply chain
  • Developing capabilities to proactively detect risks and mitigation plan to avoid disruptions
  • Implementing controls/mitigation plan to continuously reduce risk profile
  • Improve supply chain resiliency by helping recover from disruption as quickly as possible
  • Developing and implementing robust analytics system that provides desired level of visibility of each risk factor and enables executives to monitor and control critical risks proactively
Business Benefits
  • Improves risk visibility through Predictive Analytics
  • Insights to transactional App layer to provide smart choices, suggestions, recommendations
  • Up to 80% reduction in supply chain disruptions due to stock-out incidences
  • Up to 30% increase in supplier performance in terms of replenishment capabilities
  • Up to 60% reduction in manufacturing line stoppage due to poor quality of material/components
  • Facilitate proactive detection/sensing of risks to avoid disruptions
  • Up to 50% reduction in production losses due to demand fluctuation
  • Build intelligence, anticipate errors & failures, provide alternatives or standard solutions to alerts

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