Zensar's Lean Warehousing solution enables effective warehouse management by monitoring and analyzing critical KPIs in the area of lead time, storage space, warehouse head count and inventory. A total warehousing solution with seamless integration & implementation of software and material handling systems helps to make informed decisions. Additionally, it helps improve operation margins by reducing raw material inventory, finished goods inventory and eliminating the obsolete inventory

Key KPI's
  • Increased accuracy of inventory measurement and reduction
  • Rationalized SKU 
  • Eliminate obsolete inventory & reduce replenishment lead times
  • KPIs in lead time to evaluate labour efficiency
  • Estimation of the space cost & continuous monitoring
  • Accurate calculation of lead time
  • Covers entire pipeline from receiving dock to shipping dock
  • KPIs in lead time to evaluate labor efficiency
  • Consultancy services for reductions of waste and creation of different kaizen projects
  • Zensars solution is customized to integrate material handling control systems with mobile devices using robots optimization algorithm
  • Flexible Pre-Configured solution for simplified user experience
Business Benefits
  • Improves operational margins by reduction and elimination of obsolete inventory
  • Causing space reduction by accurate space allocation to all inventory items
  • Lead time reduction leading to high accuracy level of inventory monitoring.
  • Increased flexibility by allocation of headcount by product.
  • Better response to variability in demand and supply

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