Digital Factory  (MES & Shop Floor System Integration)

Zensar’s Digital Factory solution offers a comprehensive portfolio of seamlessly integrated hardware, software and technology-based services in order to support manufacturing companies worldwide, in enhancing the flexibility, quality and efficiency of the manufacturing process and reducing the time to market of the products.
With close cooperation with our partners, Zensar's Digital Factory provides a large and unique portfolio of IoT, MES, Analytics, Shop floor and Industrial Automation tailored to meet individual customer requirements across key industrial areas. 

End to end MES implementation involves key functions like:
  • Traceability
  • Production Execution
  • Maintenance management system
  • Quality management system
  • Time & Labor 
  • Warehouse management system 
Key KPI's
  • Reduced Cycle Time
  • Utilization of resources (Machines, Labor, Inventory ) 
  • Inventory Count ( Finished goods , Raw material and Work in Progress) 
  • Quality , Yield 
  • Overall Equipment Efficiency
  • Flexibility in Operations
  • Partnership with Dassault Apriso, Oracle Discrete, CAMSTAR and SAP ME
  • End to End Support From Concept to Go Live 
  • MES Applications development and implementation in multi-site environment
  • Best in class integration infrastructure in Fusion Middleware
  • Seamless Integration services with ERP systems like SAP, ORACLE and JDE with standard and custom adaptors
  • Implementation of world class solutions with Social Insights, Mobility, Monitoring, Business Analytics
  • Manufacturing Process Intelligence & Advanced Analytics of machine data on executive dashboards
Business Benefits
  • Improvement in Product Quality (Reduced defects) by 32% and 0EE by 10 to 30%
  • Flexibility to respond to customer demand and provides agile manufacturing
  • Knowledge Management improvement by 50% to 60%
  • Labor efficiency improvement by 20% to 30%
  • Paperless manufacturing by 70% to 80% 
  • Reduction to manufacturing cycle time by an average 30%.
  • Reduces Work in Progress (WIP) by an average 32 % 
  • Reduction in lead time by 22%
  • Reduces customer order backlog by 75%
  • Reduces materials waste by 70%
  • Reduces order processing errors by 90 %

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