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Healthcare organizations are leveraging technology to improve patient care, better health for populations and reduction in individual healthcare costs. Zensar’s portfolio of solutions and expertise in the healthcare provider domain can assist healthcare organizations in achieving the goals of this “Triple Aim”.
Our team of healthcare functional and application experts enable providers to deliver quality, connected, patient-centric care more efficiently and cost-effectively. Our services span the entire continuum of care, including ambulatory, acute and long-term care. Zensar’s trusted partner model helps the not-for-profit, for-profit and government sector, as well as regional health information organizations and other healthcare providers leverage our deep domain and technology expertise to develop, enhance, integrate as well as manage healthcare applications across the care continuum.
We partner with our clients to help them dramatically, improve business and clinical efficiencies, maximize patient safety, outcomes and satisfaction whilst reducing overall costs. No matter what your organization’s shape or size, you can leverage our people, processes, tools and technologies in these key areas:

Care Compliance - Leverage Compliance Insight, Foresight

Under Affordable Care Act and other US governmental regulations, Healthcare providers face numerous regulatory compliance challenges. Our Care Compliance services can help you comply with and benefit from these regulations. We help Healthcare Organizations navigate the ICD-10 transition and make the most of the Meaningful Use initiatives from CMS.
Our innovative approaches, using proprietary solutions and ready-to-use templates—and proven assessment, implementation, testing, deployment, BPM services and support methodologies—significantly reduce time and money you spend on compliance, freeing scarce resources to focus on patient care

Use to MU Process
Healthcare Providers have claimed nearly 34.2 Billion in Meaningful Use incentives from the US Government. Where ever you may be on your Meaningful Use journey Zensar can help you with its “Key to Meaningful Use” Methodology.

Ascertain: Using our understanding of the Meaningful Use requirements we conduct a deep assessment to discover the gaps that exist between what you require and what you have in order to meet the MU KPIs. We can help you create a roadmap to bridge those gaps.
Act: Once you know what gaps exist in your processes, data requirements and systems we can help you implement process change, re-design work flows, address data issues as well as upgrade test and interface/integrate any system(s) that is affected.
Achieve : Our proprietary Business Intelligence solutions can help you keep track of MU measures in real time, so you can stay informed about your progress as well as take action on the causes of any discrepancies that are affecting your KPI scores. No matter how formative or complex your BI environment is our proprietary solution, ready to use templates and methodologies will help you comply with MU requirements with little or no fuss

Care Business -
Maximize Patient Satisfaction and Revenue

Healthcare regulatory requirements are likely to have a significant impact on healthcare organizations (HCOs), especially in the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) space. The challenges associated with new regulations include; need for detailed clinical documentation, new code sets (ICD-10) and intricate reimbursement processes could result in severe revenue leakage and negative impact on the provider’s cash flow.
Zensar understands these challenges, and offers services and solutions for process improvement and enhancing operational efficiency. Our business process services, consulting & technology driven revenue cycle transformation services help HCOs get a new level of control and visibility. Our solutions and services can potentially help HCOs improve their revenue realizations significantly and reduce the days outstanding for accounts receivable.
Our Health Information Management and Revenue Cycle Management services are designed to maximize patient satisfaction and minimize revenue loss.

Care Collaboration -
Better connectivity, better outcomes with Zensar

As healthcare moves from a provider-centric to a more patient-centric model, effective exchange of health information is critical. And as the focus turns more and more to population health, connectivity
becomes increasingly critical. Integrated delivery networks (IDNs) and regional (and national) health information organizations (RHIOs) fueled the initial demand for HIE technologies. Today, effective information connectivity translates to better outcomes, lower costs, and better informed, more engaged physicians.
In other words, to stay competitive and relevant, interoperability is key.Zensar’s comprehensive connectivity services enable you to create collaborative communities that achieve full interoperability throughout the continuum of care and leverage national standards to exchange information electronically, securely. Among other things, we can help you:

  • Create EMR connectivity to referring physician offices and clinics
  • Leverage business intelligence and health analytics to collect and aggregate data from disparate information systems for analysis and reporting
  • Leverage existing IT investments with a rapid, flexible architecture
  • Exchange health information regionally for accountable care organizations (ACOs)

Patient Engagement

As we move to a more accountable and patient centric healthcare delivery model, healthcare providers need to engage more closely with patients and their families, to promote patient loyalty, and encourage better patient adherence to medication and other treatment regimens as well as preventive care programs.
One of The most cost-effective strategies for patient engagement is to create engaging custom-designed Web-based patient portal that significantly improve the patient experience allowing them to track their progress, interact securely with the care givers and easily find information related to their affliction.
Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements are designed to increase health information exchange between providers and promote patient engagement by giving patients secure online access to their health information—patient portals are now a “must-have” for any provider organization interested in qualifying for Medicare and Medicaid incentives quickly and cost-effectively. They are also a strategy that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says “will lead to more coordination of patient care, reduced medical errors, elimination of duplicate screenings and tests and greater patient engagement in their own care.”
Our Portal Services:

  • Custom Patient Portal Development
  • Zensar Pre-built Patient Portal Solution

Custom Patient Portal Development:
Using a proven portal development process, we design, architect and implement secure, flexible, scalable, robust, custom portal solutions to help you communicate and care for patients beyond your walls, and keep your patients as well as clinicians more engaged.
Here’s how we do it:

  • Understand and help you identify your unique goals and issues.
  • Design a custom solution—in terms of content, usability, visual interaction and information architecture—that meets your unique communication challenges and other needs.
  • We architect the technology structure, selecting the optimum platform and package solution.
  • We test the prototype thoroughly in our own advanced testing environment, and ensure prototype meets the business needs. And post successful prototyping the team builds the actual solution.
  • Before going live, we do a final check to make sure it integrates seamlessly with your new and legacy systems.

Zensar’s Patient Portal Solution:
Based on our understanding of the Healthcare Provider domain and technical expertise in portal development we have developed a comprehensive Patient Portal solution to meet the business needs of Healthcare Organizations (HCOs).

Zensar’s Patient Portal solution is a feature rich package which lets patients communicate with their doctor using secure messaging and access important information over the web. HCOs can send patients reminders, statements, patient education materials, and lab results electronically. Patient portal solution enables HCOs in promoting preventive healthcare, through patient education and promoting healthy lifestyle.

Patient portal allows HCOs to automate various tasks, by empowering patients with various self-service capabilities, allowing providers to invest their time and energy on what matters them the most “caring for their patients. Zensar’s patient portal solution can be integrated with leading EHR packages from vendors like GE Centricity, NextGen, EPIC, Cerner, etc.

Features of Zensar’s Patient Portal allow patients to:

  • Manage their medical history on-line
  • Access Electronic Health Record
  • Fill various forms online: Complete New Patient Registration and Patient Pre-Registration
  • Securely communicate with Doctor’s office
  • Book Appointments
  • Conduct Web consults and seek a second opinion
  • Request Prescription Refills
  • View Lab Results
  • Access online patient education materials
  • Pay bills online


Our mobile healthcare solutions are designed to keep your various departments, clinicians and patients connected to your hospital's information stream. These custom solutions infuse mobile technology into your current health IT applications, so that authorized personnel can access them from virtually any commonly used mobile device, including iPhones, iPads, tablets, BlackBerrys, and Android phones. Zensar’s mHealth Solutions can benefit patient and care-givers alike via these and other functions:

  • Clinicians can access real-time patient information via dashboards and other interfaces from EHR and other clinical applications
  • Clinicians can access diagnostic laboratory tests (via laboratory information systems), order tests (via CPOE), prescribe medication (e-prescribe) and receive medical alerts anytime, anywhere
  • Access medical images including x-rays, CT and MRI scans, etc., through DICOM standards-enabled interfaces to their mobile PACS and RIS applications
  • Patients can schedule appointments and access personal health records on a mobile device
  • Patients and caregivers can access educational materials, and receive alerts and reminders on their mobile device

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