Predictive identification of wilful & other corporate loan defaults.Proactive Non-Perfoming Asset Management - Our EWS solution combines Financial, Behavioral, Geographic, Industry, and Perception Indicators to predict the risk of defaults.

Cost Effective Solution: Zensar has a dedicated COE and turnkey solution for Early Warning System. The COE has also developed accelerators for financial services’ IT landscape.
Partnership: We are a preferred partner of Microsoft, Oracle and Aureus with expertise in analytics, social, machine learning and cloud in Financial Services.
Holistic Solution: Zensar’s service proposition integrates social listening, Omni channel, Analytic solution and interfaces with clients core systems to deliver timely client insights
Zensar’s Value Propositions are:
  • Dedicated CoE: Leveraging Tools, technology and Industry best practices to ensure improved agility for your business
  • Unique Industry Solutions Partnerships to deliver value
  • Focus on Innovation through specialized technology research group and digital innovation lab to create accelerators and solutions for banking industry

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