Zensar’s ZenRapidBI platform is an end-to-end analytics delivery value management ecosystem which provides multiple utilities and frameworks and enables a balance of value creation, process adaptation and automation. ZenRapidBI is a one stop shop for all utilities and frameworks which can be utilized across different phases of the SDLC from requirements to implementation support. With ZenRapidBI, users can not only kick-start every SDLC stage but also implement quality assurance.
ZenRapid BI Delivery Ecosystem Component
  • Data Management - ZenBI Express, Zen BI Data Generator and DW Re-engineer, Zen BI Data Comparator/Reconciler, Zen BI Data Masking Workbench
  • Data Integration - ZenBI Express - Automatic Code Generator, Zen BI Integration Auditor, Integration Audit Framework
  • Information Delivery - BI Champion, Reports Migration Framework, Audit Framework
  • Program Management - Analytics Project Estimator, end-to-end BI and DW Testing Framework, Reusable Templates, BI and DW Test Case Repository
Change Management
  •        Agile and Hybrid Project Methodology
  •        Metadata Manager
  •        Operations Monitor
  •        Data Governance Framework
Return on Digital with ZenRapidBI:
  •   With the ‘Shift left’ advantage, complex errors are identified in early stages, enabling reduction in cost of defect by 30%
  •   Employ standardization across the organization - projects, platforms, people and processes
  •   Leverage intuitive analytical dashboards for faster business decision making
  •   Drive operational excellence through a blend of automation and process orchestration and improve productivity by 30%
  •   Reduce cost of ownership by up to 30%
  •   Utilize tested frameworks for various activities across platforms and customize as per project activities 

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