Evidence-driven creativity
We use data and human insight to drive our design thinking. Our approach keeps guess-work to a minimum, exposing even our earliest ideas to feedback from our clients and their customers.
We then cycle through iterations of design and validation all the way through to pixel-perfect user experience. The business benefit is a huge reduction in the risks associated with making big, bold changes to your customer experience.
Product and Service design
Product and service design are practices that require specific skill-sets. Our studio has the necessary experience, methods and tools to execute work from both of these schools of design thinking. Whether you need a proof of concept for an Internet of Things product or a multichannel experience that spans different parts of your organisation we can hand-pick the right team for your brief.
Interaction and visual design
Our design team realise elegant, impactful designs for the end-user. We will develop prototypes of the emerging experience - usually in code - so that we can explore exactly how micro-interactions, motion graphics, copy and visual content come together. The result is user experience that feels right in every sense: useful, usable and a vivid expression of your brand.
Mobile design
Mobile is at the heart of all strategic thinking around digital within physical environments and we can help support your expansion into this rapidly evolving channel. We help you navigate ‘Web vs Native vs Hybrid vs Responsive’ decisions, and design useful, elegant mobile experiences which create value for your brand.
Front-end development
Code is our preferred deliverable. The moment where design is picked up and interpreted by a development team is crucial to the success of any project. Even small mistakes at this stage can have a huge impact on the quality of the experience for customers. In most projects we start a dialogue with the back-end developers early on in the process, so that by the time we hand over our design deliverables everyone has a clear understanding of the target experience you want to deploy.

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