Listen Up: Social Media Monitoring – The new brand builder

Most businesses today relate easily to Social media monitoring, where they listen to conversations taking place on social channels and look for opportunities to participate and engage with customers and prospects. Listening into social conversations is not enough to help enterprises make informed decisions and maintain brand image. Detailed analysis, wherein relevant insights are extracted as well any issues being discussed are addressed, is what will make a visible difference. Zensar developed the context platform called ZenSocial that integrates the social insights with enterprise information systems and drives the actions in real-time. ZenSocial It monitors and captures social conversations in real-time across more than 150 million sources including, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other common social channels. ZenSocial is powered by the power of big data enabling organizations to drive actions from Social Analytics and Insights Connect to learn more about ZenSocial. Analytics is the key to deriving actionable insights from the large chunks of data being generated enterprise-wide. Only a small number of organizations understand the true potential of their data and even fewer amongst them take advantage of this huge untapped potential to differentiate and grow their businesses.

Engage and Connect

With this integrated insight, you can now create customized campaigns for a targeted audience, modify existing products based on what people want and gather enough inputs to create new leads

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Analyze and Insight

The social data is integrated with your internal systems like CRM, POS, Inventory etc and with external platforms like LinkedIn and Klout to provide actionable business insight and identify new opportunities.

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Listen and Respond

In this phase, an organization can listen to what stakeholders are saying on social media and provide real-time response, capture patterns and unusual spikes helping the organization take corrective and preventive actions.

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Value Proposition

Crowd sourcing and co-creation of product or service features

Reduce cost of service by effective channel management

Improved ROI of your campaigns

Leader Speak

"Mentioned by Everest as Digital Experience Delivery Service Providers In Asia Pacific, 2015"

Creating an effective go to market strategy

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Predicting New product adoption

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Derive insights and create context

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