The global interest in Blockchain has been steadily increasing and has caught mainstream attention because of its potential to transform today’s businesses. The industries is in early stages of exploration to understand how to leverage the Blockchain technology and the real benefits that can be derived. This exploration is being done mainly to seek answers to questions such as:
  • Should we consider Blockchain
  • How to identify the right use cases 
  • What are the investments needed
Blockchain consortiums and Fintech companies are collaborating extensively to create industry solutions and facilitate faster adoption.
ZenSmartBlox - Zensar Blockchain Enablement Service
Zensar Blockchain enablement service assists organizations in Blockchain enabling their business processes by providing answers to questions the industry is grappling with. This service is delivered through our proprietary framework. This service is business driven consulting led approach to enable organizations to explore Blockchain technology and to evaluate potential business benefits.
Unique differentiating features:
  • Feasibility Evaluation Algorithm
    • Feasibility score of a business area
    • Self-learning capability
    • Patent filed
  • Return on Digital
    • Quantify benefits against total cost of ownership
    • Self-learning capability 
  • Accelerators
    • Technology template
    • Private cloud and hosting solution
    • Custom-built APIs
  • Solution IPs
    • Trade Finance Payments
    • Funds Disbursement
    • Mortgage Pre-Approval
    It’s time to take exploration of Blockchain technology to the next step and stay ahead of the game; Blockchain promises to be the game changer for early adopters. 
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