The Manufacturing sector is facing rapid changes in business dynamics and struggling to respond with agility. The struggle to manage business processes to be independent of IT is a matter of constant concern to the business community. Forrester's prediction on BPM says "For Enterprise Architects and Business Process Leaders, it is time to change, reassess and begin making plans for new technology that support customer-facing process change"

Zensar's Intelligent BPM solution provides a unified, digital transformation platform to enable continuous enterprise agility through intelligent insight into operations & real-time business process management.

Key KPI's
  • Cycle Time Reduction by 25%
  • Disputed Case Reduction by 20%
  • Case Resolution Time reduction by 20%
  • Forecast Accuracy Improvement of up to 50%
  • Builds and deploy new solutions as quickly as two weeks
  • Operation cost reduction/efficiency gains 
  • Reduced time-to-market for new products and services
  • Business Process Management, Customer Relationship Management and Dynamic Case Management to make businesses more customer centric and agile.
  • Applications for Warranty, Field Service, Recall, Machine Health, Predictive Maintenance, Return Materials and more, with the industry-specific platform to configure a full range of solutions
  • Omni-channel customer engagement by providing effective and efficient customer service over the web, mobile
  • Platform with industry-standard data models, business processes flows, user interfaces, integration points and pre-configured application accelerators that jump start the deployment of solutions for business.
  • Components can be easily customized and extended to meet specific business requirements
  • Customer Sentiment and CSAT Management
  • Real-time management dashboards provide insight that allows for continuous process improvement,
  • Single view of customer with Customer 360 Dashboard
  • Collaborative process focused on value improvement and embedding process thinking in the organization.
Business Benefits
  • Orchestrate the processes, actions and behaviours between devices, systems and people to optimize business outcomes and enhance the customer experience. 
  • Standardize operations and direct efficient collaboration 
  • Transform inflexible, slow-to-respond operations into lean, intelligent processes
  • Provides both the context and the container for intelligent Things to collaborate to achieve objectives 
  • Maximize the return on the investment
  • Scale efficiently and reduce operational expense
  • Mobility solutions that allows real-time, as well as offline capabilities for field or remote workers, enabling tremendous business change.
  • Enabling infrastructures that will turn the IoT into actionable outcomes. - "In the Internet of Everything, Pega is the Process of Everything"

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