Zensar workforce planning point solution covering grade-wise as well as employee level workforce planning

Business relevance

Workforce planning is an important and complex planning process in an organisation. Oracle Workforce planning assists organisations to manage planning for headcount, salary, and compensation. There are certain features that are required as add on this workforce planning module like inter department transfers, new hire, future hire and planning for the same.

8 Weeks implementation for $60K*

Solution overview

ZenWorkforce solution considers these gaps in the module with experience and has built the solution to focus on employee based budgeting as well as grade based budgeting permitting organizations to have dual budgeting processes. The solution allows department managers to budget salaried / hourly employees, contractors, temporary hires separately and also allows new headcount budgeting using internal standards. The promotions or department transfers can also be planned. Integration with Financial Planning allows seamless financial impact assessment. Integration with ERP HR module like Oracle HRMS or Peoplesoft to load employee data into Hyperion Planning is facilitated seamlessly.


  • Enhanced visibility into financial impact of manpower decisions
  • Budgeting discretion and flexibility imparted with grade wise or individual employee budgeting options


Employee cost budgeting Promotions and transfers
Headcount planning P&L impact

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