Zensar workforce planning point solution facilitating enterprise wide view of capital assets, investments planning and integrated loan amortization

Business relevance

Integrating OPEX & CAPEX planning as part of its annual budgeting exercise has inherent pitfalls due to incongruent nature, required budgeting approach and treatment of these 2 processes. Oracle Capex Module automates the planning of capital assets and capital asset-related expenses, such as depreciation, maintenance, and insurance. There is a need in the process to intricacies of multiple CAPEX funding, deprecation options and financial treatments that can be built into the solution so that the business users can decide the treatment for individual asset or for entire asset category.

8 Weeks implementation for $60K*

Solution overview

ZenCAPEX solution has been built to meet most of the capex budgeting process requirements and calculations resulting there from. It links the financial implications into the financial statements thereby bridging the gap between CAPEX budgeting and Financial budgeting. Its key features include

  • Single view of all new asset related information
  • Perform transfer, write-off, impairment sale of asset
  • Linked with ERP (Fixed Assets Module) to capture existing assets related data for planning.
  • Work In Progress (WIP) Calculation for assets
  • Linking long term projections to financial plans
  • Repayment of loan capability linked with Loan amortization Schedule sub-module
  • Calculate gains and losses for Sale/retired assets
  • Multiple Asset Addition at a time, depreciation what-if analysis


  • Improved capital asset investment decisions with predictable cash flow models
  • Instant short and long term financial statement impact assessment feasible
  • Ability to assess multiple asset funding options through loan amortization sub-module


New asset creation Funding options (loan amortization)
Asset lifecycle planning Long term P&L, balance sheet impact

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