Zensar provides an environment that is uncluttered with hierarchy and acknowledges each individual's uniqueness by rewarding achievement and entrepreneurship.
The architecture, campus, processes and practices in Zensar is a true reflection of our commitment to the values of transparency, trust and respect. The Zen principal of ecologically sustainable designs are thus reflected everywhere.
Green Building
As part of design process of building our campus, we have taken care and implemented various energy and water conservation techniques such as:
  • Installation of air cooled intelligent HVAC system which results into low energy consumption and no water consumption.
  • Double walled construction for AC halls for excellent thermal insulation and reduction of load on air conditioning.
  • Installation of weight sensitive elevators which translate into energy saving in case of operations below rated capacity.
  • CFL light fittings for low power consumption.
  • Use of motion sensors for energy savings.
  • Maximum utilization of natural light.
  • State of art BMS for real time monitoring of energy consumption.
  • Installation of drip irrigation for water conservation.
  • Installation of sensors for urinals for low water consumption.
  • Waste water recycling for flushing and garden usage.
  • Roof top rain water as well as storm water has been used for ground water recharge.
  • Use of paver blocks for all internal roads and parking spaces, which help in storm water seepage into the ground.
  • Use of recycled material where ever possible e.g. particle board furniture for work stations and storages.
  • Least ground coverage and maximum utilization of open areas for tree plantation, shrubs and lawns which has resulted in erosion and sedimentation control.
  • Use of canteen waste and garden waste for vermin composting and use as fertilizer for landscaped areas.
  • Use of environment friendly gas (Inergen) for fire suppression  system in data center.
Green Initiatives
  • Running of ACs only during office hours from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM.
  • Switching off ACs for 30 min during lunch hours.
  • Common Temperature Settings 24℃ for all halls also depending on time zone and ambient temperature.
  • Switching off all spot lights.
  • Fixing lighting sensor for halls, parking and fans in ceiling canteen instead of ACs.
  • Switching OFF Water coolers, tea m/c after office hours and during weekends.
The engineers from the electricity board have also appreciated the effort taken towards power conservation by Zensar and they have confirmed that there is less power demand received from Zensar.
This has helped us achieve savings of approx 1,45,090 units of power for all location.

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