As businesses expand and plan for the long run and major growth, the complexity of business processes will only increase. IT must today perform at multiple levels of speed to build the organization of tomorrow. Different parts of every business and different customer segments will operate at different speeds and IT as an organization or marketing as a business function, or HR or Finance as an organization needs to adapt to operate at that pace. This has evolved from two-speed to three-speed and four-speed in several of the customers we have partnered with for their Digital Transformation. Fast IT is about being adaptive to change - be it processes, software or people. Larger organizations face bigger hurdles in going digital and IT and software development needs to be agile for rapid digitization. New technologies combined with the Industrial internet and Cloud, and Data at the centre can help enable Fast IT. While enabling Fast IT, there are a certain few other implications that includes simplifying of back-end processes, ensuring adequate security is provisioned, and the addition of a few layers of infrastructure to be accounted for. Fast IT is not a replacement to core systems, but will need to operate in parallel to help build the Digital Enterprise of today and tomorrow.
The changing business outlook towards IT is driving the movement of DevOps in the industry today. In our view, DevOps is an important capability of an organization to sustain and compete in the current market to tap the market opportunities by continuous software delivery. Organizations are implementing one or more DevOps areas like Continuous Integration, Automated testing, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Delivery of software. DevOps is the methodology that focuses on communication, collaboration and integration of Development, Testing and Infra teams to generate and retain customers and revenue. Zensar has established DevOps CoE to assist organizations in assessment and implementation to achieve their vision of DevOps through Assessment and Implementation Services.
DevOps Assessment Service
Assessing current DevOps practices, improvement areas, capabilities of the customer teams to arrive at the maturity level of the organization. DevOps Assessment will reveal the maturity level in various DevOps areas like Continuous Integration, Automated Testing, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Delivery.
Outcomes of the Assessment
  •         End-to-end DevOps solution in just 4 weeks
  •         Pros and cons of toolset, processes in use
  •         Recommendation of best of breed toolchain tailored to the business scenario
  •         Visibility of "as-is" maturity level v/s targeted maturity level
  •         Incremental implementation plan with milestones and execution timelines for improvement
DevOps Implementation Service
Implementing DevOps solution in a selected Pilot project which has high visibility, require frequent updates / releases and is critical to the business to bring the required momentum in the organization and buy-in from management.
Outcomes of the Implementation
  •         Tailor made DevOps tool-chain for accelerated software delivery
  •         Implement selected DevOps areas by training the pilot team on end-to-end life cycle
  •         Creation of DevOps cookbook to reduce project delivery risk
  •         Alleviating pilot project success to implement DevOps in other projects
  •         Track DevOps implementation impact and adjust DevOps solution to deliver desired results.

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