Zensar’s Hybrid IT Solutions provide an integrated service delivery between traditional and cloud infrastructure. This management framework provides enterprises with up to 40% reduction in infrastructure costs. The improved environment leads to up to 30% operational efficiency and higher resource utilization. Improved IT infrastructure visibility and multi-modal IT helps reduce technology silos, increase operational efficiencies and allows business innovation.
Private Cloud services provide the option of capability assessment, recommendation of deployment model, migration services and monitoring.
Additionally, Zensar enables customers to achieve their business needs and deliver more value to the customer through our cloud solutions by enabling private cloud to work with public cloud platforms in an integrated, automated fashion.
Hybrid IT services enables enterprises to increase efficiencies and reduce operational costs for enhanced agility, faster go to market strategies and increased focus on business innovation.
Private Cloud services also include proper management of the same – including security and governance which means that the information migrated to the private cloud is monitored and its safety and security is ensured.
Private Cloud Overview
  • Gain more control over your data and resources 
  • Dedicated resources specifically used for single tenant
  • Greater security control by means of physical isolation and dedicated hardware 
  • Provides flexibility and scalability to organizations dynamic demands
  • Flexibility over hosting Private Cloud on-premises or at hosting provider 
  • Provides self-service portal to easily provision, manage and maintain private cloud resources 
  • Enables chargeback, governance and detailed internal usage tracking
  • Real time metered consumption through live billing portal


Targeted Industries

  • Private Cloud is best suited for industries such as Banking, Finance, Insurance, and Federal and Government sectors
Zensar Business Benefits 
  • Leverage open source to setup cost effective Private cloud
  • Ideal partner with the experience and expertise to help organizations adapt Cloud  
  • Encompasses broad range of tools, processes and services 
  • Allows business to focus on goal, objectives and outcomes while Zensar takes care of all the complexities of the Cloud 
  • Eliminate vendor lock-in by selecting the right solutions for varied needs 
Zensar Private Cloud Services
Zensar provides these solutions for enterprises to leverage Private Cloud:
  • Scalability Assessment Service
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment Service
  • Private Cloud Technology and Architecture Advisory (eg: Openstack, VMware)
  • Architecture (Design & BluePrint)
  • Build Private Cloud Service
  • Migration and Deployment Service
  • CloudOps or DevOps Service (Automation & Orchestration)
  • Security and Governance Service
Manage and Support
  • Managed Cloud Services
  • Analysis and Optimization Service
  • Capacity Management Service
  • Billing and Chargeback Service
Zensar Partnership Alliances
Zensar partners with many leading solution providers including Apcera, Azure Private Cloud, CenturyLink, Cisco, Nutanix, Openstack, Redhat, Simplivty and VMware.

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