The critical element to the possibilities of Digital is based on the foundation of the Industrial Internet. The Industrial Internet of Things brings together sensors, software and big data analytics to work in cohesion in delivering the Digital Enterprise of today and tomorrow. The Industrial Internet is about devices gaining the ability to communicate with each other minus the need for human intervention. This network of devices communicating with each other is destined to create new ways of doing business, optimize processes, reduce costs and risk. With the large quantities of information and data that will be generated and gathered, analytics plays a key role in making sense of the data. Most devices today are linked through wired or wireless networks though in most scenarios using the same internet protocol that is connected to the Internet. This has led to huge amounts of data being analysed real-time to generate insights helping enhance decision making significantly. While a few organizations are experimenting in pockets, the future potential of the data generated to lead to automation of business processes and decision making to control of devices will disrupt how organizations operate.

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