Businesses continue to face the challenge of differentiating their offerings and enterprises are moving towards Hybrid IT services to enable increased security, enhanced flexibility and a more agile infrastructure on-demand. As enterprises strive to stay competitive they need to move to multi-cloud enablement through interoperability, automation and orchestration in an integrated mode.

Managed Cloud Services

Zensar enables customers to achieve their business needs through our cloud solutions by orchestrating the traditional infrastructure and enabling private cloud to work with public cloud platforms in an integrated, automated fashion.

  • Bi-Modal IT operations improve operational efficiency and rapid innovation up to 40%
  • Proven “Zero Rollback” methodology to migrate large environments to any cloud within 90 days
  • Accelerators and automation capability to orchestrate between multiple cloud and on premises
  • OEM certified resources and partnerships with multi-platform capabilities on cloud ecosystems

Hybrid IT services enable enterprises increased efficiencies and reduced operational costs for enhanced agility, faster go to market strategies and increased focus on business innovation.

Faster Go to Market Self provisioning helps enterprises develop more rapid market response capabilities.

Bi-Modal IT A flexible automated orchestration capability enables enterprises to operate innovatively with the coexistence of traditional and next gen IT.

Reduction of IT Silos Leveraging a single pane of management provides centralized management of processes and the implementation of controls to maintain quality, security and performance levels.

Hybrid IT Services

Zensar’s Hybrid IT Solutions provide an integrated service delivery between traditional and cloud infrastructure. This management framework provides enterprises with up to 40% reduction in infrastructure costs. The improved environment leads to up to 30% operational efficiency and higher resource utilization. Improved IT infrastructure visibility and multi-modal IT helps reduce technology silos, increase operational efficiencies and allows business innovation.

Our Hybrid IT experts provide:
  • Managed Services on IaaS and PaaS
  • Private Cloud Plan, Build (OpenStack, VmWare) Migrate and Operate
  • On-boarding, Migration and Management services on public clouds including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google, Softlayer and NaviCloud
  • Multi-Cloud, on premise virtual data center integration
  • Continuous deployment and delivery using Containers as a Service
  • Automation and orchestration on multi-cloud platforms
  • Proven migration methodology for “First Time Right” with “Zero Rollbacks”
  • Reduced cycle times and improved uptime
  • Enable rapid business innovation
  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Single pane of glass to build, manage, operate multi-cloud environments

Zensar’s Cloud Center of Excellence is our technology incubation center where customer business challenges are solved as Proof of Concept (PoC) and provides insight enabling reduction and management of possible business risks.

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