Business is changing and Digital has blurred the lines of physical workspaces. Teams today are working around the clock to meet the demands of the global economic environment, and collaborating with teams across the world is now central to how organizations operate. Next gen technologies are redefining how businesses function, enabling them to better monitor business operations and get closer to the customer.

In designing today’s workplace, aspects of mobile technology, the demand for choice of location of work and the implications on organizational culture needs to be considered. At Zensar, we have embarked on a journey to completely digitally enable the workspace, to create better ways of working, improve engagement and agility, and increase productivity. In achieving the ideal scenario of a Digital Workplace, newer forms of productivity technologies need to be adequately integrated with existing applications, security concerns need to be addressed and increased layers of infrastructure need to be made available.

The digital workplace will evolve to be the core of the complex digital ecosystem across businesses, helping boost performance, reduce costs, optimize customer interactions, shorten time to market, and attract and retain talent.

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