About Zenlabs
Zenlabs is Zensar’s initiative to address the technology needs of our customers and help them transform their business into digital to keep pace with the evolving markets.
With the finest infrastructural facilities and a team of technology visionaries, Zenlabs is the centre of innovation where our key focus is to bring disruption in how businesses will adopt technology in the long run.
Technology Transformation Board
Technology Transformation Board is the driving engine behind Zenlabs. Zenlabs closely follows emerging trends and disruptive technologies and seizes new ideas that make sense. We listen for key takeaways in conversation with colleagues and customers. We will speak directly to our customers about strategic challenges they foresee and co-innovate solutions. Incubation times for new initiatives vary. Once a new initiative is determined to be strategically sound, approved and brought into the fold, teams of three to five researchers take ownership of the project, under guidance from Zensar’s Vice President of Technology.
Focus Areas
Artificial Intelligence (Robotics, Machine Learning, Conversation AI Interface):
When machines become intelligent enough to start behaving like humans and develop with experience (when exposed to new data), we know we are heading towards a lifestyle which will be nothing less than incomplete without machines. Zenlabs is focusing on Parallel/Distributed Computing & Storage, Deep learning, Neural networks, NLP, reinforcement learning, Personal Analytics, Predictive Analytics. 
Internet of Things (Sensors, Wearables, Beacons):
The concept of ubiquitous computing is witnessing yet another wave today in the form of Internet of Things (IoT) with objects becoming smart enough to sense the environment and communicate information to other objects without much or sometimes no human interference at all. Real-time data when processed real-time can do wonders in personalizing offers to customers in retail and insurance industries. Interacting with computing devices is no longer a separate task and just part of life with smart objects being so closely woven in the fabric of daily life. We believe IoT is just the beginning of a smarter world.
Interfaces (Mobile, Smart Displays, AR/VR):
We can speak to the devices today and device takes care of the actions. Augmented reality makes the existing surroundings more meaningful by adding what is missing but important for the user to know. Virtual reality transports the user to another world altogether without the user moving an inch. Smart interfaces are empowering users in everyday life and we believe in empowering our customers by giving them the opportunity to explore this field with us.
FinTech (Blockchain, Messaging, Commerce, Mobile Payments):
The potential transformative of power of Blockchain in business has become talk of town. Financial Industry is just beginning with a technology revolution and we believe that there is need for more efficient, reliable and secure system of doing business in finance industry. Partner with us to know more about the potential disruptive technologies in this industry.
Cloud (Server-less Computing, Microservices, Containers):
Welcome to the world of computing where you can get your code to work without investing time/effort in managing servers. What server-less computing does is shift the responsibility of running that environment from the user to the cloud provider. Server-less computing decouples coding from managing the execution of codes on different platforms. Same code can be made compatible to run on different servers without user having to worry about the compatibility.
Zenlabs Innovation Framework
Open: Building Joint Innovation Programs with our high potential customers to co-innovate
Collaborative: Building long-term research relationships with Top Tier Academic Institutions globally and organizing workshops
Continuous: Iterative innovation cycle that requires high engagement from customers throughout the cycle
Disruptive: Focusing on futuristic requirements of our customers/partners and creating new market
Empowering: Cognitive and capability enhancement for everyone using futuristic/emerging technologies 
Inclusive: Open to working on proprietary as well as open-source technologies to provide affordable and accessible solutions
Team Members
1. ULLAS NAMBIAR - Head, Zenlabs
Dip Innovation Management (2015) UC Berkeley Haas 
PhD (2005) Arizona State University 
Focus:  Technical Roadmap setting for each focus area, TTB, People Development
2. ANAND YASHWANTH - Engineering Manager
B.E. (1999) Bharatiyar University 
Focus:  Technical team lead, ZEVA Backend, Server-less Computing
3. VIKRANT DAHIYA - Program Manager – Technology Transformation Board
MBA (2016) IIM Calcutta 
Focus: TTB, Mapping of Tech to Business Use Cases, Manage Executive Briefings at Zenlabs
4. SWATI TRIPATHI - Program Manager
MBA (2016) IIM Ahmedabad 
Focus:  Zenlabs app, Patent Program, Marketing/IC, Other Zenlabs Innovation programs 
5. RAMESHWAR PRATAP - Research Scientist 
Chennai Mathematical Institute 
Focus:  Learn User Interaction Models, Conversation Models for ZEVA, ML approaches for Finance Applications
6. SRINIVASA INDUKURI - Innovation Engineer 
M.Tech (2006) KIIT, Bhubaneshwar 
Focus:  ZEVA re-design, IoT for Retail, Smart Interfaces
7. SATYARANJAN SINGH - Associate Innovation Engineer 
M.Tech (2006) IIT Madras
Focus:  Predictive Analytics in Finance, Blockchain applications in Insurance, Blockchain on Edge devices
8. ANISHA SAVARDEKAR - Program Manager 
 (2016) IIT Bombay 
Focus: TBA
9. ANIKET GORHE - Associate Innovation Engineer 
B.Tech (2011) MIT AoE, Pune
Focus:  ZEVA Mobile Interface
B.Tech. (2018) IIIT Delhi 
Focus:  Gesture detection for Smart Mirror, VR walkthrough of labs
11. AKASH AGGARWAL - Intern 
B.Tech. (2018) IIIT Delhi 
Focus:  Wi-Fi based Geolocation detection, ZEVA Integration API
B.Tech. (2018) PES Bangalore 
Focus:  Smart Mirror backend, Geolocation Detection

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