Unified View of Operations

Today most engagement models are reactive in nature. Organizations are also going after these reactive models with a hope to reduce the BAU costs. Organizations are paying their IT service providers per ticket which means - T he Application Support & Mainte nance (ASM) team starts the work only after receiving a ticket. With such evolving model s service provider is left with no incentive to reduce the number of tickets. In fact , the IT SLAs are always green however business users are not happy as the business outages will continue to happen resulting into a “ Watermelon Effect ” . Unless vendor is incentivized to reduce number of tickets, business user disruption will continue to h appen, which impacts business revenue.

Usually, Organizations interact with the service providers when they receive a report end of the month or quarter, and tend to miss all the details. There is no clarity available in these reports to reflect what reall y happened on that ticket, how that ticket was resolved or what was done to improve the outcome. This, results in an inaccurate circumstance of "everything is fine.

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