Customer is a leading connectivity and sensor solutions provider for a variety of industries including automotive, industrial equipment, data communication systems, aerospace, defence, oil and gas,
The client is a leading American membership-only warehouse club chain.
The client is a leading Indian Govt. Company operating on Water Resource Management in the state of Karnataka.
The client is a leading ecommerce provider based in Mexico. Their application is available in different flavour – Web Portal, Mobile Web Portal.
The client is a leading insurance company in South Africa. The client was facing the challenge of Application to be needed to bounce on and average 100 times per month.
The client is a leading insurance provider in South Africa who facilitates Life and health related insurance, investment management, and facilitation of retirement income.
The customer is a Fortune 500 company, a brand name for a family of health insurance products focused on providing a variety of affordable plans to consumers.
Introduction The Customer is a Media and Content Services business division that produces interactive mobile apps for better customer stickiness and service.
We partnered with Lucozade Sport to create an award winning, experiential experience for grass-roots footballers.
There are few tougher challenges in design than mass transit systems. Get it right and you improve the daily lives of millions of people.
We embarked on a journey with Shell to transform the customer experience of its Global Commercial platform
We helped Sony Network Entertainment expand its position within the home entertainment market by re-imagining their video on demand service.


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