Diversity at Zensar
Diversity in the workplace at Zensar is a norm and seen as an investment towards building a better business. We encourage it and push for it, for we believe that only when we have a workforce which is unique and yet different, can we hope and dream to consistently be where we are - in the space of innovations and consistent growth.

With over 8000 associates spread across 20 nationalities, diversity has helped foster an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect and enabled us to generate innovative ideas. 

Today, associates representation in policy planning, implementation and monitoring through sessions such as WE or Women for Excellence are in place, due to this very culture.

Our diversity and inclusion program embraces employees of different gender, age, nationality, backgrounds, experiences and physical ability. As an equal opportunity employer, we promote a culture of meritocracy. However, it is not the geographic spread but the D&I initiatives in play that are a driving force behind Zensar’s collaborative and inclusive culture which makes us truly global.

We also implement strategies aimed at raising awareness and understanding about diversity issues, including: anti-bullying policies; flexible working policies; work from home; time offs; relocation policy; referral policy; anti-sexual harassment policy; complaints and safety at work policies and procedures; recording and management information systems to measure progress against equality goals.


Zensar Technologies Participates in the United Nations Global Compact :

Zensar is a proud participant of United Nations Global Compact and committed to align our strategies to advance the ten principles and conduct business with respect to the sustainable development goals, with a focus on education, employability, women empowerment and environment. The CSR activities are directly impacting 15000 lives through our initiatives in employability, digital literacy, and environment, through active volunteering of Zensar employees. 

One major key focus area for Zensar is Women Empowerment, where we internally work towards engaging, enabling and empowering our women associates through multiple unique initiatives. Our aim is to connect with aspiring women leaders across the world to co-create awareness and share best policies and practises to conjointly advance in our common goal for improving gender equality.

As a sign of our commitment to advance the equality agenda globally, Zensar has signed the Women Empowerment Principles, a joint initiative of the UN Global Compact and UN Women , to further advocate the importance of taking action towards advancing equality. We strongly believe in developing the leadership qualities of men and women allowing them to leverage their full potential as leaders, and as a company we aspire to be best in class in the industry when it comes to gender inclusive policies and practises. 

We are pursuing a focused charter (ZenWen) to build an organization that is led by balanced leadership. The company's women executive board (WEN) is focused on identifying and raising women leaders from within existing associates. The WEN drives organisational initiatives for attracting diverse women talent and nurturing their growth at every step of their respective careers. The ZenWen charter is composed of female and male representatives from various functions and geographies and is governed through a mobile app, giving the associated a digital platform to facilitate communication and enabling the tracking of goals and objectives that are set for this charter. 
Zensarians Around the world:
The average age of 45% our associates is under 30, out of which 22.7% are women. By attracting, retaining, and developing the very best talent, increasing employee engagement and productivity, delivering to the customer, together as one team, seizing opportunities for creative problem-solving and innovation, growing our business through our informed understanding of the diverse markets in which we operate, we harness diversity to maximize our business opportunities. 
We implement Diversity through the following – initiatives:
Advancement of women: Policies aimed at understanding the needs of women employees
Equal employment opportunity: We strive at all times to identify and recruit the most diverse pool of qualified candidates.
Integration of people with disability: We develop strategies which would facilitate recruitment of people with disability. We are also planning to hire trained recruiters for this purpose.
Cultural acceptance: At Zensar individuality, creativity, innovation and flexibility are celebrated. This creates enormous diversity which brings in ‘world culture’ to the organization and equips it to be a true transformation partner to global corporations. We hire people who have the personality, talent, and background necessary to fill a given job profile, regardless of race, color and creed. At Zensar individuality, creativity, innovation and flexibility are celebrated and this creates enormous diversity which brings in ‘world culture’ to the organization and equips it to be a true transformation partner to global corporations.
Platforms to promote Diversity:
Zensar Women Executive Network (ZenWEN):
Zensar believes and strives towards creating a conducive work culture for women to reach a pedestal in their career with appropriate mentoring. ZenWEN (Zensar's Women Executive Network) is a step towards bringing parity in the workforce at Zensar. ZenWEN infancy itself has been marked digital by a mobile app called "ZenWEN", which gives a view on Zensar's performance on various diversity metrics. This venture does not limit itself to local boundaries but extends globally to seek all the available international perspectives on balanced workforce diversity. ZenWEN team plans to connect with similar initiatives taken by its customers and replicate their best practices to aid balanced leadership and gender equality. Zensar would be keen to participate as well as host  any such events by the customers which would take this initiative one step ahead.
Open Door Culture:
In order to improve the work environment and increase productivity, Zensar believes in creating an environment, which encourages free and frank exchange of views and fostering interactions & discussions on ideas and issues.
Associates are encouraged to express their views openly without any fear of retribution, thus embracing and fostering the culture of openness and participation.
We have the following forums, which encourage active participation:
EBM – Every Body Meetings:
Every Body Meetings are open session. Held every 6 months at different locations, associates can meet the management team face to face. They can also interact with the senior management and discuss issues regarding the company’s growth and future plans.
Pizza and Coke Meetings:
These are lunch meetings where random cross sections of associates are invited to meet a member of the management team and discuss issues of common interest. Such forums encourage open communication and bring about a participative culture.
Vision Community:
The Vision Community is Zensar's signature D&I initiative where cross-functional teams across levels in the organization contribute to the strategy building exercise of the organization. The success of the Vision Community has been documented in Harvard Journals as a case study. The platform is a great opportunity for every associate to contribute in building the organization and interacting with the leadership team in exchange of ideas and thoughts.

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