CSR at Zensar began long before the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) provisions of the Companies Act, 2014 mandated that companies have to spend 2% of their net profit. At Zensar Technologies, we believe in the Triple Bottomline (3P) approach that is, ensuring a sustained and holistic approach to People, Planet and Profit. CSR at Zensar is carried out by RPG Foundation.

The CSR focus areas are: Community Development, Digital Literacy, Employability Enhancement and Environmental Enhancement.


RPG Foundation, is an ‘implementing organization’ and is directly involved in the CSR projects that are being undertaken. Collaborative partnerships are formed with both Government and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) including, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), Unnati Foundation, Connecting NGO, Equal Community Foundation (ECF), and other like-minded stakeholders. This helps widen the Company's reach and leverages the collective expertise, wisdom and experience that these partnerships bring to the issues that Zensar is committed to.

Monitoring mechanism and responsibilities

Zensar has a CSR team comprising of personnel having experience and passion for CSR activities. The CSR team is responsible for the implementation and execution of CSR projects/programs. All projects are reviewed once every six months against targets and approved budgets by the CSR Committee and wherever necessary, midcourse corrections are initiated. CSR strategy and details about the CSR Committee are given in Appendix 1 and 2 respectively.

Appendix 1: CSR Strategy

A core tenet of the CSR strategy is the creation of demonstrable, scalable and replicable models of operation, which can be taken up by other corporates, thus expanding the circle of influence both within and across cities.

Zensar aspires to expand its circle of influence through:

Circles of Influence

Zensar aspires to expand its circle of influence outwards



CSR Policy

Current Location: Zensar Foundation is entering the outer circle


Appendix 2: The CSR Committee

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee:

In accordance with Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013 and the Rules thereunder, The CSR Committee, a sub-Committee of the Board of Directors has been constituted comprising Mr. Sandeep Kishore, Mr. Arvind Agrawal and Mr. P. K. Mohapatra with Mr. Sandeep Kishore as the Chairman of the CSR Committee.

The CSR Committee shall act in accordance with following terms of reference:

  1. Formulate and recommend a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy to the Board
  2. Recommend the amount of expenditure to be incurred on the activities.
  3. Institute a transparent monitoring mechanism for implementation of the CSR projects or programs or activities undertaken by the company which would form a part of CSR Policy.
  4. Monitor CSR Policy and interventions periodically.


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