Zensar wishes to enable holistic and sustainable change in all its intervention areas. We practice CSR through a mix of direct intervention and working through partner NGOs that have the same underlying values and beliefs that Zensar practices. We consistently advocate the integration of technology in the CSR programs; thus enabling an inherent linkage with the core business of Zensar. Employee volunteering is an important area of emphasis as the belief is that the white collar population of India constitutes a large percentage of the middle class and upper class, and therefore, enabling leadership for change within this section of society is a powerful tool for social transformation..

Core belief: Zensar strongly believes in each individual’s innate desire to reach new heights, and the power of the individual. Social practioners say that if 15% to 20% of the population changes, an in flexion point is reached which can tilt the entire population towards that change. In the work that we do, we attempt to bring about positive and irrevocable change in a minimum of 15% of the population in the intervention area, thus enabling overall community transformation through a ‘ripple effect’.

From these tenets, follow the Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy of Zensar Foundation:

Vision: To foster happiness and well-being of people and communities, enabling them to realize their full potential.

Mission: To build empowered communities and foster the agency of individuals to lead and enable social transformation.

Values: Dignity, Equality, Empathy, Integrity, Freedom, Creativity.

Strategy: All our interventions that focus on Digital Literacy, Employability and Environment Sustenance are rooted in the overall well being of Slum Communities in the cities where the company is located.

Zensar is committed to improving the overall well being of Slum Communities in the cities where the company is located. We also focus on the verticals of Digital Literacy, Employability Enhancement and Environment Sustenance. Associates are encouraged to volunteer their time and skills and enjoy the experience of giving back to the communities in which they work – contributing to the CSR interventions in the process, also enabling their own leadership development

Zensar’s strategy for scale, is to multiply impact through replication of demonstrable models as well as through the ripple effect of individual leaders/ change agents

Over 20% Zensarians devote their time to CSR interventions. The replicable models of Udaan English Centre, School Transformation Program, Slum Community Development, National Digital Literacy Mission Centres and the Udaan Biodiversity Park would not be the same without volunteering support

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