CSR Media

Zensar’s CSR initiatives and projects have been covered by the local media.

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CSR Policy

As a responsible business corporation, Zensar takes pride in being socially committed and focused.

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CSR Initiatives

Zensar believes in the triple bottom line approach that aims to bring about progress not only in profits.

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CSR Approach

Zensar Foundation, an independent trust operating under Zensar Technologies, leads the company’s social outreach programs.

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Transforming Lives


Ruchi Mathur
Head of Zensar Foundation

"Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not in anybody’s “job description” and yet it is everyone’s responsibility. This is exemplified in Zensar’s leadership team, which can be depended upon to prioritize and make time for CSR, and in the hundreds of Zensarians who work over weekends and holidays to make change happen. Come join this movement and be a part of the social transformation agenda"

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